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Increase box drops on events, such as Diamonds and Blood

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  • Increase box drops on events, such as Diamonds and Blood

    Removing the unlimited part of the Diamond/Blood event was really stupid. We get so few a day that now it takes forever to really get anywhere worthwhile.

    Diamond, Blood, ect. events really need to be increased in how many boxes they drop. You get so few it's hard to really get anywhere.

    I used to be able to at least get the clothing sets every week, now that I'm unable too cause I just can't get enough items a day is killing my enjoyment. Ending the event at 200 Boxes is seriously lame.

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    recharge and spender events are giving a ton of boxes tho ^.^
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      princestewii that not use-full at all the unlimited part of ton of event is was the only real reason way them event is the best of all with out it they not that grate at all and recharge and spender event are **** cause you not getting anything free from them that spender only work for un-bond balans so they should make an lesser version of them where the bond balans can get half or even 3rds of the un-bond balan give outbut if chest is 1 then that be the min: for an bond balan spender event !
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        lol I was pointing out that those are giving tons of boxes. I'm afraid that will be the trend for a few weeks to follow.
        IGN: princestewii
        Class: Archer
        Server: Kabam 86


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          What I don't get is when they put out clothing items that are kinda badass, they always put in doofy events to make it impossible to get; but when they put in clothes that makes you look like a dweeb (I would use a harsher term that is used in the world today that describes it better, but I probably will get lectured in how it's derogatory so I won't go there), somehow they make the events worthwhile so you can get them (for the title as I do not want to be caught wearing half the stuff they got going).
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