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Buying VIP

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  • Buying VIP

    I there any possability that there are more options to pay for a VIP? I'm not in a position to use a credit card, so i can't use the extra's the VIP's have..
    Can someone help me, or is there a way of payment in this question?

  • #2
    What method of payment could you use? LR? Paypal? etc?


    • #3
      You can do what I did use paypale and if u think theyre gonna charge u for the next month take your card number off from paypale and then they wont charge u.


      • #4
        The problem is, is that i only have a bank account card. The only way i can recharg balens is with internet banking. But with that way i can't buy VIP


        • #5
          Depends on your country, if your from holland you can buy VIP with Ideal, but you need to do that tru your account and not in game.


          • #6
            Aaaahhh thank you! I'm from Holland haha. Thank you very much!!