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How do you deal with a disruptive/abusive player when R2 Games do nothing about it?

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  • How do you deal with a disruptive/abusive player when R2 Games do nothing about it?

    Any suggestions besides blacklisting, quitting, or moving to another server?

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    How abusive can they possibly be? They can only plunder 10% of your gold, and BG groups are random. Guess the worst thing they can do is steal your mines, but just grab two far away and if he wants to waste time looking for them...well sucks to be him.


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      I think what poster meant is hurling abuses, defaming you in world chat, calling u names, that sort of thing...


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        I wouldn't hold your breath for them to do even that. Another example: I was reprimanded for saying "**" & "damn" on world chat by an R2 Games support member, who also said to me that they are supposed to reprimand you in world chat instead of in game mail, or through a pm. And since then there has been more worse things said on world chat, and I haven't seen 1 thing done about it. Also there was a player who was abusive to me, said things about my mother, family, etc. in a pm, and I took screenshots & sent them in, and I actually wonder if R2 Games has done anything regarding that or not. Somehow I doubt it because of a return ticket stating that "We are not responsible on any players behavior in game". Sounds like to me that we can all run free, do & say what we want, when we want to, except me, I've been reprimanded once already.


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          Well, keep in mind many of the people playing are children. Ignore it and I'm betting it will go away....Mom?