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Shouldn't we get the crystal shards from leftover maps? :)

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  • Shouldn't we get the crystal shards from leftover maps? :)

    Many people still have maps leftover from the pre-patch time and don't want to sell it for so little gold.
    Shouldn't we just get the crystal shards from leftover maps?

    Not that we didn't try to use up our maps, but each person has only 5 maps attempts per day, and it's very difficult to find a full party for 5 maps per day to burn all the maps & Berdim's wines we got before the patch's commencement.

    Maybe not a 100% conversion, but getting some crystal shards is still better than none.

    Just a suggestion.

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    It's pretty much dead weight, mate. Might as well just sell them to clear your inventory as it's a slim chance to none that they will offer some kind of conversion.
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      or maybe just convert them all to Heaven Horns?


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        If you held onto maps, you're crazy. I was selling that garbage before maps were removed. Wines at least stacked, so it would be nice if they gave us something for those, but they were worthless before, so I wouldn't expect much.