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    The question is whether this terrible set of events was an experiment, a fluke, or the new norm. If it's the new norm, they very well may be killing the game for a lot of folks right here. However, if it turns out to be a one-off screw up with events, or a failed experiment.. they can learn and move on, and so can we. Removing the unlimited kickback on events honestly makes sense (they didn't used to be that way back when I started playing some 3-5 years ago). It was a MASSIVE return for participating, that frankly, was probably way too much. This Whip event is garbage.. absolutely agree. Nothing about this set of events was worthwhile unless you as a player have money burning holes in your pockets and want to make some progress on your less monetarily endowed peers lol.

    I'm a reasonably consistent casher, and I almost completely dismissed this whole set of events. There was nothing at all worth wasting the resources I've spent the last few weeks gathering, so I kept most of them and used almost nothing. The rewards available from boxes are why events are worth participating in, far more than the return on their usage during the corresponding event even. Breaking the event rewards for saving up for said event was dumb.. but breaking the chest rewards too made the whole set of events almost worthless. The only, single exception I found, was the chest exchange for 1000 Adv Henna for 120 chests. That single exchange is the only reason I participated in any of the events (except for the res event, because mine aren't maxed yet).


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      I really don't see this set of events as an experiment or a fluke. Everytime they nerf something, it never goes back to how it was. Look at the events like the gem event where it used to start at level 5 and have unlimited. Look how long it was since it was like that.

      I think this will be the new norm now. Now if the sylph events are nerfed, that will be the end of it for many. I used to spend on this game but have stopped 3 months ago and never will spend again no matter what type of deal comes out, don't care how great it is. If they really do come out with a great deal, that means they are really getting desperate to get people to recharge and spend.


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        <giving the "bird">

        I played in that time, mate, before I took a long break from it. I was in a 300-something/400-something server (I go around a lot back then) when I first started. I left because of the monotony of the game and wasn't getting anywhere; and I wasn't going to spend in a "boring" game, either, just because "I want to get ahead". Yes, the events back then were <expletive> as the only mount I got (or was able to get with some sensible event) was the reindeer. There was no way of getting mahra back then unless it was through a login/online time event, and to get seps you had to sacrifice sylphs in the process. It's just total bull <expletive> back then, and that's why I had left.

        Fast forward to almost a year ago, when I decided to give WT another go and started on the 586 server with just 4 units. The arena was better (can use all 4 instead of 3 like back then), the EXP was nominal, and certain things can be obtained through farming and/or participating in some daily events like sky trail for an example. The Hot Events was great back then where it has become the norm for many of us. Clearly, I had thought that Wartune had improved. I didn't spend for <expletive>, there wasn't a need to. But leave it to a few patches much later in life and the event changes that soon followed thereafter, and my enjoyment meter is going back to what it was 2-3 years ago. Yeah, sure, I had thought about spending for VIP countless number of times, but stuff like this had made me have second thoughts.

        You whiner babies complain on how much "useless" items you get after maxing out things, but who gives a flying <expletive>? It's not all about you, but of the new (and returning) players who are playing the game, who might one day become spenders if not forced into it. If this was an experiment, it's a terrible one at that. If this was something to get all players to quit, then R2 is heading up that path, but I won't be playing another game after this as this will be my last stop and play. Believe that.
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