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  • blooming spring costume title


    I have collected the 3 pieces of blooming costume available in the exchange, but did not get the title. Usually you need wings too, but there are not in exchange, so I supposed that title was for clothing except wings. Am I missing something?

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    Obviously you did miss something. There were 3 different Green Beer chests so far. The only chance to get the wings was when they had the Green Beer - Clothing chest, which you could only exchange 100 Rainbows for 10 max(10 Rainbows for each one) and had to spend unbound balens to buy the 200 more necessary in order to exchange them for the complete set(hat, weapon, armor, and wings). That event has expired. My advice is to just skip the rest of the event because the only thing you can get from doing the events is Green Beer chests, and like I said with the Rainbows, you can only exchange them for a maximum of 10 Green Beer - Mount chests. Not a very good event, and you're not really missing anything unless you have $300.00+ to throw away for 30k balens to get the necessary chests for one of the 800 chest mounts. I think even the previous day's clothing was overpriced because it would cost about 7800 balens just to get the wings. Insanely overpriced...