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Sorry had to ask this, but who does your math?

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  • Sorry had to ask this, but who does your math?

    I had taken a look at the rewards for the Mount Refine event and I am just shaking my head.

    A recap if you will:
    • Refine your mount 20 times with Mount Hooves: 5x Mount Hoof, 1x Green Beer Chest (Okay, this is your starter set and I can dig it)
    • Refine your mount 50 times with Mount Hooves: 10x Mount Hoof, 2x Green Beer Chest (Well, it will look kind of stupid if there was 2.5x Green Beer Chests, but should have been about 12 hooves instead as you can't do 12.5; maybe do it at 13 if you want to round it up for cost effectiveness)
    • Refine your mount 100 times with Mount Hooves: 20x Mount Hoof, 3x Green Beer Chest (This is where it gets sad, folks. If we went with the "20 times" as an example, there should be 25x Mount Hoof and 5x Green Beer Chest for this alone).
    • Refine your mount 200 times with Mount Hooves: 50x Mount Hoof, 4x Green Beer Chest (Okay, a come back to the hooves since 5 x 5 x 2 does equal to 50, but shouldn't we get the same on the chests as well like 5 x 1 x 2 or 10 in this case?).
    • Refine your mount 500 times with Mount Hooves: 150x Mount Hoof, 5x Green Beer Chest (Okay, a large bonus and incentive for those spending more when it comes to hooves; I got 125 if I had gone with the base rewards of "20 times", however, don't you think we should get more Green Beer Chests for our effort? I don't know, like around 25 at the very least?)
    • Refine your mount 1000 times with Mount Hooves: 300x Mount Hoof, 10x Green Beer Chest (Still a bit of a bonus for the hooves, so I won't complain. However, on the GBC's, and going by the "20 times" example, you're 40 short)
    So basically, one who does the whole shebang should be getting not only 542x Mount Hooves as a return (yes, I went with 12 and not 13 for my "50 times" example), but also should be getting a total of 93x Green Beer Chests. So, I ask again, who does your math over there for this is very sad indeed. If anyone is a greater mathematician than I am, you're more than welcome to go "pound for pound" on this.
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    The math isnt the problem here its the drastic fall from the dimenishing returns aspect. To use economics in it, the added cost of going for the next reward fastly becomes less worth after you do 200 refining of your mount.