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Compensate as for buged tree

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  • Compensate as for buged tree

    I think buged tree make game disbalansed . Its clear you canot remuve unfear fusion silphs and also YOU DEFENETLI canot get back ather unfear things earned from abuse this bug as adv mahra sep etc davinity souls and much more Sins this people used hundreds free wands i think is fear to give the rest of as at least compensate .I dont say we have to get 3 mergred silphs but at least you can send as some free wands also . Im personal the most unluky per4son in this friking game but at least some free players can have the chans to get somting good .
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    Operative phrase is "free player". You can all go die for all R2 cares about you. You mean nothing to them, and that is all there is to it. Brutal, but the truth. I'd go so far as to say that R2 hates you for using their stuff and not paying them a cent.


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      This bugged tree is an 'R2 exclusive", so it is unfair to the other platforms (kong, armorgames, kabam). It is also unfair to any player who does not exploit the bug. Of course, the lack of enforcement makes R2's stance on this exploit abundantly clear. Perhaps they are expecting this unfair advantage will somehow convince us to spend more to obtain what others are stealing?


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        That is the plan. It is an open secret that they plant "players" in the servers whose only duty is to troll, agitate, flame and otherwise make people hate them so much that they would spend money to beat the "arrogant jerks". Who then get stuff as well, and so the cycle continues.

        This is merely the same tactic gone nuclear.


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          For me, the tactic does the exact opposite. When rampant cheating is allowed, it devalues the $$$ content of the game. I am not going to pay $600 for something others are stealing, nor am I going to cheat to steal one for myself (not that I have the option since I'm on a kong server). The only thing the tactic makes me do is complain on the forums (where I'm certain it does little to no good since those who pay attention to forums have no power to change it) and submit tickets to R2 with links to YouTube videos proving that the tree hack is still very much not fixed and being used (which thus far has garnered no more than auto replies and auto close after 2 weeks).