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  • Merge Request

    hi , i would like to request a merge for server s337 and associated servers (non test servers) with our S1/s225 group (test servers). they have top archer and second top knight cross server so it will help resurrect our idle/hibernating group of servers cuz ever since kessar quit,dwarf is no longer cashing,valkitteh/nizzah semi retired too, theose were top players besides myself, now the server is just empty.
    and if that is not possible since they r non test (for example) then merge us with some strong ACTIVE test server , there is plenty of those, server 162 Ebonmoss with ranger and clay , that would be more competition plus more people to help with runs instead of me having to run tok nm plenty of times for everyone in server
    thanks for ur understanding and have a nice week in-game and in RL everyone
    Location : Immortals guild , [S225] The Plague

    Name: Iceade

    Title : Eagle Eye

    u win some , u lose some but u keep going no matter what , either go big or go home

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    Your request may or maynot be fulfilled since merge requests have been sent repeatedly for a variety of servers for who knows how long. Seems the new to newest servers are getting the mergers over the older ones.