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The Joy is Just Gone

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  • The Joy is Just Gone

    -Was waiting for a house -and a butler that they have in the Asian version of the game, but no butler, no children, as such. One can light a bonfire in their home.
    Before, when people came to your bonfire, they would energize your tree, but no longer as the tree is not in your home.

    -No matter what you think of Kitten Club, without the notifications and icons next to friend's clubs it is useless. Either have it correctly or do not have it.

    -Eudamon mark shards are almost impossible to get. The game does not tell you that if you go past a certain lvl in the event that gives them you may never get one ever again.

    -Archaeology is horribly confusing. You can get good items in it, but in regard to furniture/floors/walls for your home, there is no good guide anywhere. The Handbook is useless. It was just thrown upon us.

    -Gold production is way down as there is no gold refinery or gold mines. however, there are many villages owned by a lvl 11 character with the same name. Thanks a lot.

    -No more Amythyst double time, it will always say 'double drops'

    -No more marriage quests, yet the stupid heart to heart quiz was left. I liked doing marriage quests with my in-game husband. We both play on 2 servers now, but lacking that, we are not so sure about paying for a wedding on a 2nd server.

    -No more maps, which was also fun with friends.

    -The normal shop was nice to have. It is gone and the NPC still remains- weird. The wilds shop is a RIPOFF. It should be just for the wilds stones and BBs.

    -You screwed Cloud Adventures. Used to look forward to it. This entire game box/nickel thing is just depressing.

    I am sure others have more things to add to how this game has been ruined.

    Reldra was here....

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    1-agree so much. before, having campfire on farm, people would revive crops, energize tree & possibly feed animals. now i'd have to ASK people to energize tree & revive farm during campfire, which, to some, is considered a spoiled brat's behavior, while i feel it's an entirely reasonable request during campfire.

    2-they do have notification for repairs & harvest of ur own kitten toys, but not other people's.

    3-sadly, right now the only viable option is event chest exchange, which i would gladly do, since the content of regular (non-clothing) event chests have little value to old players like me. new players can still get mark shards if they camp levels on bounty targets.

    4-not just archaeology, but most if not all game features have become like this. they removed the help text from most places. we would have to play the guessing game for every new feature. well...i suppose guessing could still be fun.

    5-townhall gold production is not down. they gave max level to everyone, based on townhall level (just no need of refinery). gold mines are gone tho.

    6-now amethyst mine always gives double rewards. i'd call this a great improvement. at least now i don't need to cart during the limited 15 minutes a day.

    7-one dimension chest gives 500 rose hazels. just pay for vip & do dimensions more often. at peak time i had been married on 3 servers but didn't do much MQ or H2H. now my (only one) active toon (no vip/only did 2 basic dimensions every 3 days) still has some 9k rose hazels.

    8-err...i'd rather maps be gone. but still appreciate it if they turn the leftover maps into crystal chests.

    9-just bring back the old wilds shop & leave the mystery shop alone. problem solved.

    10-hate the nerf, but one less thing to do & saves time, so still a good thing.


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      And now, my turn:

      Before they made farm into a "tablet" version of itself, it was fun to gathering the "gang" over and watch them as they talk, walk, revive, harvest (yes, I let them do that, but the animals are fed by me) crops and animals, energize the tree, sometimes get into fights (got friends of many guilds and most are rivals). Sorry, but there is no fun doing that into a room that, well, is not possible (fire code will kill us with fines if we had a bonfire inside a room with no ventilation, and on wood floors nonetheless).

      Kitten Club, even though some folks on other servers love it (just not mine), is a waste of time and investment. I guess I hardly get the mats, and maybe am hard on the poor kitties, but I don't know. Maybe one day when I am just super bored, I probably give it a go.

      That's R2 for you: always releasing stuff but never telling us "how-to-do-it". I gave up in trying to "figure" them out, and after this week, I am going to give up the game (no sep/mah event, but that stupid "hack-tree" is back). However, when it comes to events, just save enough to get what Eud you want as I don't trust "luck" on getting the same one if I used shards.

      I know Ada is going to hammer me for this, but I have still yet to <expletive> with Archeology to this very day. With everything else this game got around on, I just don't have the drive to go beyond the 10-30 minutes of cumulative daily gameplay time.

      Was fun to go after gold mines of my own. Yes, also was fun (and a pain to some) when someone steals a mine and you go after them for such. Guilds usually burn after that, though. Missed those times.

      Haven't been to the AM in ages. So I guess I am missing out, huh? LOL, oh well.

      Since I am still single, I guess I wouldn't care. I mean, it's against my mantra if I have to spend on a piece of <expletive>. I don't do that in real life, why must I do it in a game?

      Maps were fun and probably the lesser of two evils (cough cough Asima quests cough cough). Sell 'em, chaps, there is no future in holding since R2 won't listen and are laughing at you for having them for "too long".

      That NPC can come join my guild. Always could use another "grease monkey" in the hangar.

      Don't get me started on Cloud Adventures. In fact, <expletive> CA and the horse it rode in on. Though, I liked the old one much better.

      Stupid events, stupid clothing designs (sorry, but I come to play WT as a badass, not a fairy, and I don't think the dark/medieval times ever had glitter), gimmicks that go south, bugs, lags, hacks, and cheats are all the reason why I am securing my units and munitions and flying the hell out of here.
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      Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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        Main thing I hate is being berated by the many icons basically telling me to recharge. The recharge rebate event, the recharge gift pack event and of course the daily daily daily daily spender events which I think should just all be put into a separate icon thing.

        ToK is too difficult now. Spire nm is too time consuming and as such nobody does it. Too many things to blitz. Removal of unlimited events and reducing rewards. Making it so wings can only be gotten by cashers. All minigames have been ruined by replacing rewards with small amounts of nickel and gold. The list goes on.


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          1. No idea why they thought a bonfire inside a wooden building was a good idea and then they promote arson by having you invite friends over to light even more fires. Yay. LOL. Add the fact that you can now decorate the homestead through archeology but all the decorations get hidden during the bonfire. If they're going to do that, why not replace all the small fires everyone has to light with a beer keg, buffet table and dart board. Everyone can click on each one once for rewards/treats. They do it for weddings.

          2. Kitten club really only works if a lot of your friends play and you repair a lot (so that you have a better chance of collecting materials to use instead of gold or balens). With the broken way it is now, there is no way unless you play all day and check periodically to see if anything can be repaired in your club then visit all your friends. Unfortunately all my friends quit playing it since there are no notifications or indications when someone has something to repair. Don't know why they did not just add the kitten club to the homestead when they re-worked the farm and tie all the notifications in with that.

          3. Eudaemon mark shards you're out of luck on. I do think it's funny that when they let us recycle/sell the eudaemons that even though we get 50% of the materials we put into it back, it never gave back any of the mark shards we used to summon it. I kind of wish that when they removed the list showing the maxed level everyone had cleared, they reset everyone back to level 1 so that we could go back up and camp at where we wanted to. At my current level I will never see another mark shard from bounty targets.

          4. Archaeology was a bit confusing at first but not as bad as some others. Each handbook set needs items from 3 different maps and mousing over the items will tell you which map is needed to get it. Easiest way is to camp each map for a week or 2 then move to the next one. When you have hit them all start over until you have completed all the sets. The lack of detailed information/guides/help by R2 is probably deliberate, since lets face it, the more you mess up the more likely you're going to have to spend balens somewhere to correct it. I will say that archeology is a great way to useful quantities of useful items. I get Expert dimension chests almost daily from alturic plains, 2000 fangs of fear almost every other day, etc. But most importantly for me is the morph cards since if you use them during DI/BI or any function that requires running around, it reduces the lag significantly.

          5. The townhall level determines max gold production and max troop population since they removed the mines, gold refinery and cottage. It also benefits newer players since they only have to upgrade 1 building where we had to upgrade 3 to get the benefits as well as not having to go to the wilds regularly to get new mines when the expire or get taken by someone else. You just might have to increase your gold production skills under the academy and guild skills to get everything maxed though, but it adds up fast.


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            I stopped playing about 7-8 months ago and came back hoping to enjoy the game again, guess I made a bit mistake.

            I can still see bugs and glitches that were present over 2 years ago (although i myself and guildies raised several tickets regarding them) and also i can see a lot of things changed or missing,

            1. Game Box - honestly a piece of cra.p
            - i used to enjoy Jewel Hunt, however now it sucks
            - Fishing had a lot better prizes and now at vest you get 1-2 nichels which are useless
            - Cloud adventures - prizes were way better and without having to be pushed back several steps making it almost impossible to actually finish it without buying some magical dices

            2. Underground Palace - removed - why was it removed if we still have the mount showing up in blacksmith synth? It may not have been the best "event" however was rather ok and wasn't so time consuming

            3. Dimension War - turned to cra.p
            - rewards totally different once you finish the dimension
            - no more treasure chests (or 1-2 at most per floor if lucky)
            - if you encounter an enemy you have to forcefully fight it and the rewards for winning the fight are the utmost cra.p (seriously being able to get a crypt key from dimensions, a socket rod for sylph equip were way better rewards even if they were rare)

            4. Archaeology - not bad but kinda time consuming and also after each maintenance it seems like you get worse things when you dig, but well that's R2 for you

            5. Market / Wilds Shop - i don't have words to say how much this one went down the hill
            - either one you would click on the same interface appears (way to go you screwed it up)
            - Points exchange - what the hell is this and why is it there if it's not working?
            - ridiculous high prices for crappy items

            6. Eudaemon - mark shards are no where to be found, if you have them exchanging them doesn't make any difference (got the same one i had twice) and new ones you get them from events.....great....way to happy....

            7. Farm - although i like the idea of making it "compact" turning it into a "shed" is a stupid idea and starting a bonfire in there....come on....

            8. Events - well i see some things never change
            - chests are less and less and with rewards that honestly are not at the same level as the game
            - Spender Event, Big Spender Event, Ultra-Mega-Uber Spender Event - did R2 ran out of funds and they don't know how to get more i'm tired of seeing Spender events DAILY!
            - chest exchange that are impossible unless you buy, so making events that are sometimes impossible to get even the lowest rewards nice going, congrats

            I would continue however i do know, after playing this game for a couple of years, that not much from what we would say would actually be heard, Now i remember why i left the game and i'm not sorry for doing it. Guess it's time to sell everything and quit for good.


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              Max gold production went from somewhere in the low to mid 50ks to 73766. Since two level 60 mines was a bit under 20k, it looks like we now get free max mine income without needing to be online at 4am & pm. Sounds like a win to me.

              I get at least twice as many tree energizes now as before, since previously only campfire attendees would bother, and now it's back to trivially easy to energize a bunch of friends.

              Maps were fun? We have very different definitions of fun, then.

              Marriage quests were your motivation to get married? You really enjoy the pointless runaround quests a lot, I guess.

              Agree on pretty much everything else, though. Kitten Club is especially annoying, since it wasn't that great to start, and they completely killed it as anything but a way to turn balens into gold.


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                yeah joy is gone.

                this is becoming a hackers vs cashers game now


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                  Maps were fun? We have very different definitions of fun, then.
                  Maps were like 5 quests and can be chained; open inventory to get the next area's destination; unlike Circuit Quests (Asima) where you have to go back to her to start a new one (next quest). I usually open all of them to find out where I am going and just arrange them so I knock out the closest one first, then the next, and all the way to the furthest away. That's why I said, "the lesser of two evils".
                  Vicious! Approach with Caution!
                  Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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                    I think the major mistake that was made is what is the games major audience? I understand that you have to make money to continue supporting a game a profitable endeavor. When you target such a small population that is willing to spend any amount of money to get something, it isnt a sustainable practice. You want to give mega cashers or crazy tree gamblers OP sylphs, OK..... You want to make knighthood a 1000 dollar feature OK...

                    Most successful games give casher options to save game time, like VIP or covenant, or maybe a cool costume look. This game pretty much says if you dont spent hundreds of dollars a month, you will be irrelevant. That isn't an option for many hard core competitive game players i know. So they quit and your left with a huge inbalance of mega cashers and non cashers. You need the light/medium casher around to have a successful game, but they all have been alienated in my opinion. I am one of the latter players and I can't see why i should play anymore. It's going to be a year before i get knighthood and I will never pay such an absurd price for a Loki...


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                      Originally posted by Meikura001 View Post
                      I know Ada is going to hammer me for this, but I have still yet to <expletive> with Archeology to this very day. With everything else this game got around on, I just don't have the drive to go beyond the 10-30 minutes of cumulative daily gameplay time.
                      10 mins tops

                      *whacks Mei in the shins with a hammer*