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Return player and Hot events

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  • Return player and Hot events

    Dear Wartune dev,

    I would like to give a feedback regarding "return player" event & "Hot events".

    1. Asking ppl to come but no sweeteners ??

    2. Wartune is an entertainment isn't it?well.. no one force us to play this game... are selling this entertainment right ? are the one who should force us to play this game.
    the good news is there are tons of verities of tool to keep your clients happy.Grabbing players is the easiest part but maintaining players is the challenging part.

    3. keeping players posted to updates is vital,lack of information can leads us to misunderstanding.(even bad events can turns into diamond,if the packaging is good,so players can get prepared.
    ppl can win a really hard battle if they are prepared.but this events... "seems" impossible to free players, once it "seems impossible" ,some players might start to use all means to get those valuable items
    including cheating. cutting players/banning is much easier to be done (no need skills / talents & can be done by ppl with any background )but solving such problems from the root needs special talents and skills
    and you guys are the master ( i'm sure you'll find a way out).

    Thank you and sorry for my English is not good.

    Have a nice day.