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Worst thing the developers are doing to Wartune

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  • Worst thing the developers are doing to Wartune

    I want to keep it simple in hope they can also read it:

    -Nerfing good things. Once you make something good for players it is really BAD nerfing it or removing it (unless it was a bug or was causing a game imbalance). Players expect the good stuff to keep like that or to IMPROVE. NEVER EVER to get nerfed!

    -Silence nerft, another big mistake. That's like thinking players are idi**s and you are hoping to fool us. ALWAYS be transparent!

    -Ignoring players' request and complaints. We don't want you to listen 100% to us, but at least show you care. take some into account and say what can't be done or what are you doing to improve the game.

    -We need some direct contact with developers or people that CAN ACTUALY help us. (I feel like mods and admins have same knowlage as we do, they just can lock or delet topics but know nothing of the actuale game).

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    Shame it will never happen


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      totaly agree r2 will never listen to their player base they only listen to the invisable elite club who runs the show


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        idk if this will makes you better, but all the other games from r2 are dying too. they are getting ready to abandon the whole browser game scene.
        just take a look at the other games forum, its not much better than here. even the forum's banner ad hasn't changed in 4 months.
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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          They've got another thing coming if they think I would go to their mobile game section and forget about the other stuff. A company is as good as the treatment of their users/clients/customers/players/members, no matter what was being offered.
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            been playing this 3 years each year r2 makes it worse.taking most of the rewards out of MPDs and solo.arenas sadly are a joke you win big or losed big no real friends are 11 pages yet over half left the game over R2 screwing the players.if the cashers complained we get compensation most of us want the old Wartune fun to play.load game login says fail this could go on up to 15 minutes go in hot events repeat game loading.introducing new stuff like eudaemons cant removed diamonds unless you have another take its place.which doesnt helped when it says cant make legendary diamond on remove it.last few months cant take crystals off so i missed crystal events.i message here goes to my email why put ticket in wait for answer for days or longer go somewhere else.i rather do games on facebook i had a concern in a game a game dev gaved me answer almost next your blown off r2 you are one of the worst company online worst company service


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              Very well said. You should know that 90% of R2Games income is / was always from Wartune. I also understand that they are just publishers, have little effect over whats happening etc. But it is their responsibility to communicate with the devs and make clear what changes are needed. It is ridiculous they can't do anything.
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