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Event Draft - great idea!

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  • Mzmadi85
    started a topic Event Draft - great idea!

    Event Draft - great idea!

    Hi R2GAMES, hi 7Road,

    I won a lottery and i dont know what to do with my money, thats why I have great idea for a new Big Spender event!!!

    Imagine Big Spender refreshing every 4 hours a day. It starts from 1k ends at 10k spended Balens. I would be greatfull if u consider my idea.

  • Xharry005x
    if i won lottery i buy r2 and 7roads then sack them all and employ proper customer support teams and game coders who can realy fix this game

    then again why give money to r2 avnt they had enough of mine already i go on holiday lol buy a house and cars lol

    eres my offer to buy game i give you r2 the following

    2k gold 2k daru 1xlv1-5 gem box 1xdouble honor scroll 2xexp scroll
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  • Meikura001
    If I had won the lottery, I know where my money is going to go................ and it's not into this game har har!

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