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  • Get VIP & Chat Suggestions

    Chat Suggestion:
    Add another tab called "Friends", allowing us to chat with all our friends in our friends list - would save having to figure out who will help with farm, who will join your Group Arena party, and who will join in on your MultiDungeon run.

    VIP Suggestion:
    This can be beneficial to R2 & 7th Road, add another way to get VIP through the same method of getting Balens without paying - I remember seeing that flashing "Get Balens Free" an it takes you to a part of R2games where you just go through their various sponsors, why not do the same thing with VIP as well? But to make it more worth it for R2 & 7th Road to add it the "Free sponsors", create a point system that makes the user have to accumulate a certain number of points (Acquire 200 points, ceratin sponsors give certain amounts depending on how much they want the user to do to get those points). Could also just call "Free VIP" with not as much benefits as the regular VIP Players.
    BUT only add the 1st level of VIP to this, leave the others for regular methods so as to not anger paying players.

    Another possible way an this could work because it wouldn't happen as much, but use to VIP Tokens to get VIP Status, like gather up 500 to 1,000 to get VIP Activated, make it actually worth it to keep those tokens when you right now can't use them if you're not a VIP player.
    Same as above method, to get to higher levels, do the regular method.
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