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Hot events should be shortened?

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  • Hot events should be shortened?

    With unlimited events being removed anyone think the events should be shortened by a day or so? For example we currently have the diamond synthesis, mount refining, and mount training events. Unless a player has a stockpile of those items it seems like most players would be done the first day.

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    Um, sure! We already have a decline in the number of events and quality of events, so let us ask for shorter events, too!


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      Wouldn't matter anyways. The way events are being thrown, and that "new format" come about, doubt anyone would have the full set/title without spending.
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        Events with daily match are better when they last longer, since you can build up to higher levels. And whips you get a bit more out of them if you use 1000 for 3 days instead of 3000 on day 1.
        Of course I'd trade in these crappy events for shorter events that actually gave us something worthwhile in a heartbeat.