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this cant be working

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  • this cant be working

    this cupcake strategy of trying to get people to chase boxes for wings, then boxes for mounts cannot possibly be working....

    first you nerfed all the decent events for any number of boxes
    second you give us nothing to trade for with what little boxes we have
    third you really think people will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for an outfit?

    maybe you think that...
    maybe you feel this will put the finishing touch on kiboshing the rest of the few players that still play

  • #2
    You guys are slowly killing a good game that people have been playing for years with enjoyment but have gone too far now. The clothing events are so comical I hurt every time I see what has become of them. YOU MUST BE A COMPLETE IDIOT TO GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS GAME, and if people can't see that, then you definitely are in a MORONIC CLASS OF IT'S OWN...