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Does r2 want money ?????????

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  • Does r2 want money ?????????

    As title says does r2 want to earn our cash / money

    All i see is bugged game nothing fixed r2 and the devs doing nothing at all to fix anything only grabbing money werever or whenever they get the opportunity

    we as customers been playing this game for 3 years+ we need a working game bug free lagfree and cheater and hacker free
    fix the game
    ban cheaters and hackers
    make events unlimited again
    make 1 event box holding clothes wing and mount

    The poll is expired.

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    No. They want you to leave the game so they can shut it down in peace. The money is a nice bonus gift from morons.


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      Yep only moron will play on those terms. Every week to give real money for those title and mounts..its not worth it from whatever angle you look at it unless you are filthy rich and dont care at all for such things. I really wonder where this stupidity and greed will lead r2. Maybe they close this game and if that happen i really pity poor souls who payed crazy amounts for pixels. But its not just the money its time thats lost for nothing 2 and this is the most sad thing of all.


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        some people spend anyway whatever rubbish the devs sell they will buy, the devs see the money coming in more now, with fused sylphs and tattoo / adv talents why do they need to bother with anything but spender events. Coupled with the complete imbalance in the game now i see people leaving in droves, and so much dis-contentment.

        money only used to buy time in this game, now its barriers to progressing, and the barriers are getting to cost more and more, and the number of them increasing.

        Prehaps this is really an experiment in how much people will spend.


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          The raw situation with Wartune (according to Google Trends).

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Google Trends wartune jan13 to mar16.jpg
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ID:	1724053

          Long ago, they could see there was no future for the game.


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            thats when they got the new support phrase "you need clear your cash"


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              I've said it before and I will say it again. If you want me to spend, then make a game that is good (better, best) for me to play on with my modules. I have the money, but I won't invest into a broken game that doesn't believe in scaling difficulties, proper matching, and has lag to the point I am playing onto a "dialup" connection instead of a 60/60 MBPs (upstream/downstream) dedicated connection when I play this game.
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