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  • World boss

    Again we got a new server merge. We really did not need it. I am on S444 and now with 16 servers in it thee older servers of 3 years are murdering WB in 1-2 runs. Really helps the lower BRs with troops and stuff, NOT. Try adding a lot more HP to it or adjust its resistance so when you hold a world boss event it can be achieved. It would take us 3 runs or 2 days to finish an event now. Not fair for us non knighted players. Those players should have a seperate boss to fight instead so the un knighted can make a lil. So there is a few ideas for you try making something work, or make knighthood possible for less. Frankly the fact to pay so much when seeing another version that gets free balens in abundance is outrageous. Greedy sloths running Euro servers...

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    Let's put it this way: They took away the unlimited mahra and spec events, which were a massive source of gold for most people. They took away sylph boss gold rewards. They took away other unlimited rewards, whose gold component was still significant, if not massive. From my observation, it seems that they have nerfed the 1M gold drop from Dragon Invasion by about half.

    Now, they are taking away WB gold. Are you seeing a pattern here?

    Oh, by the way, they upped the gold you get from alchemy.


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      positive side, dont need much gold anymore to enchant gear..

      can get gold from digging,

      but i agree on all, hard to earn gold like this, and we stil need a lot for holy forge
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        True cutting gold and completely anihilating chance to obtain full cloth sets and mount free was the plan from all along. Now you see it fully in action. All thats left now is to cash, cash, cash...every week, at least twice! If your credit card can keep up that is. Actually thats the only interesting thing that i see now in this game..where this insanity will lead R2 and how much bull..t exactly can people who still play this game can tolerate. 1 thing for sure..much better now watching from distance than being part of it. ^^


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          Oh, and I did forget: There is always the cat *snickers*


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              Even though I had participated in different discussions on how WB HP can be "spared", it just boils down on how much R2 is going to act upon in getting a solution to make all players happy in this aspect. Many people have great solutions about it, but we won't get to see them the way this game is going.
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                Same with my server. I don't know who we merged with but we ended up getting a lot of high br players and it's annoying because r2 never increases the hp of the wb after a merge.