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  • Doone

    Big mistakes happening now. 600 dollars to get a Sylph??........Events being dominated by cash events????..... free events "limited" to once per day.........pitiful rewards for great expense and time.....Adding more and more stuff without shortening some others....we don't want to live in this game...we just want to play it. Too much cash needed for simple things, and the rewards are stupid!. Who needs mount hoofs??? one!!!! so you have a whip event with hoofs as a reward?? STUPID!.....Who needs seps and mahre????...NO One!!....give us rewards we can use...Advanced seps and mahre....enchant and refine items.....don't give us **** we can no longer use. I do not like where this game is heading

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    Who needs seps and mahre????...NO One!!
    I ought to smack you with a <expletive>in' rolled up newspaper right about now. New servers needed that, and because of tools like you, it's no longer an option. Big deal, <expletive>wipe, get a trash sylph and just get the gold from the event since everyone does need gold. I do it, so should not be a problem.

    Ok vent over on such. Now, on the other stuff, I wish they (R2) would get their heads out of their base four point of contact and get with the program. It's okay to include all these spender events if they want BUT they must keep the free stuff as well. For the last 3-4 weeks since they started with that junk, it's been the same stuff week after week, which gets tiring really fast.

    Words haven't been invented yet on what I am feeling with all this going on, but if R2 wants a harmonious environment, a novel concept would be is not "<expletive>ing off" the players, either casher or free. And of course, fixing the stuff that is wrong, and quit making "scripted" excuses. Own up.
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