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  • Events Need to be changed until then...

    There have been rumblings if more people willing to participate

    Many of the whales and players will not spend anymore after this month

    Please pass the word, it'll be likely this post will be removed.

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    If anyone is aware there are several groups started by "whales" in petition to how r2 has been handling players, player feedback, and gameplay.

    The groups can be found on facebook,


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      Oh wow! A petition by whales! We can now go look at where they congregate and laugh at them. What fun!


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        Want to laugh at them but honestly cant bring myself 2..actually pity them now. To throw enormous amount of money and finally to wake up one sunny morning and see this pathetic excuse of a game..depressing stuff even for such people. Ye its kinda deserved cause their money actually fed up R2 greed and sick ambitions to this state of lunacy but after all reason this game still exist is exactly those players investments. Really sad those investments turned to this abomination that is Wartune now....its like giving money to someone for good cause and finally u discover that he wasted them for gambling, drugs and booze.


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          I pity them as well. I mean, if I was to shell out money (investment), I would like to have a decent product in return for my money's worth. That's just me though.
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            I am way beyond the pity stage. It is these guys that allowed R2 to continue to where they are now when it was obvious a YEAR ago where it was headed.

            When merged sylphs came out, I expected people to ignore it because the signs were obvious were R2 was headed. Even when the 2nd evo sylphs first came out, they did not REQUIRE balens to be spent to get the 2nd evo, not if you have patience. Merged was 100% balens or bust.

            When Kitten Club came out, I thought the whales would ignore it for the obvious stupidity that it is. Coupled with the nerf at the time, I expected it. Instead, we have whales compalining here about not getting their gold when they activated the Lucky Cat or whatever the hell it is that gave bonus gold. I mean, seriously???

            When Knighthood came out, with the 3M balens to max talents and serious nerfing of mage healing, I though people won't spend to get to Knighthood overnight, but lo and behold!

            So, no. I am FAR beyond pity. I want to watch the whales crash and burn and laugh at them all the way down. Frakk 'em and the horse they rode in on. THEY are as much to blame about the current state of affairs as R2.