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lv 70 sets

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  • lv 70 sets

    Hey there!
    I'm just levelled lv70 and got all of the set without level up,thus they can't plunt me.But I have a problem.I can't refine lv 70 items,Is there a way to get those refiment crystals?

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    well thro mpd ...or u can buy items from crypt and recycle them for refine shards...but my suggestion is ....dont refine them dont waste mats go for 80 set red...then get crystals from class wars /titan wars etc and refine them... wont take u more than 2 class war and chaos war to get almost full gear at stats u want


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      Yeah don't do 70 refines. Take it to 80 (thought they fixed that as now you can refine at 80 and those stats carry over when you hit red) red (just to be safe) and just do the refines from there.
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