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Questions about thor passives

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  • Questions about thor passives

    Just got myself a thor, and have some questions about his passives. As they're quite expensive, trying them all first isn't really an option.

    1. Molten might doesn't say what causes it to stack. Is it from taking damage like with unstable voltage?

    2. Do molten might and unstable voltage stack? Would be very potent if so.

    3. Lighting splash gives a chance to do 50% damage to a second target. About how often does it happen? 10%, 20%, more?

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    1. molten might starts stack when you use a skill to do damage .. description is wrong tho as it is 3% patk damage and 3% matk damage
    2. yes there work together
    3. very low proc rate get divine howl instead
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