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Titan Heart Shards not available outside EFHELL

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  • Titan Heart Shards not available outside EFHELL

    It says in it's description that Class War shop should have it (it doesn't). Finding a team for EfHELL is, well... hell. Top end players have it maxed out and low level players still need nightmare. I really want to have another source for Titan Heart Shards besides EfHell. In a few months, I could solo it, but for now... No one is available to team up. I'd like to see it in exchanges and in archaeology digs. But the ONLY source is efhell.

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    Doesn't the matching bug work anymore? I mean then you could just ask people to help you get it working, and solo it.

    Myself didn't get all titans hearts needed for a long time, basicly I would have gotten them by now if I didn't waste a whole day just solo doing efhell