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suggestion for 1.45 update patch or sometime in the future

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  • suggestion for 1.45 update patch or sometime in the future

    suggestion for update patch 1.45 part 2

    Hello , i have a suggestion for the 2nd part of the 1.45 update patch or a patch sometime in the future,I run a guild on S15 and have been speaking to guild members about how good it would be if we had a 2nd guild vault for all the weapons that players no longer need,as lower level members have asked what happens to weapon sets that members no longer need, "can you gift them to us or trade for gold?" i have told them "we won't ever get that option because it would make it to easy to try and cheat the system",So i was thinking yeah it would be good for a 2nd guild vault that could be used to store weapon sets no longer needed, so that lower level guild members could loan for contribution to their guild,for a fair price(in gold) they could loan the items for a set period or for balens keep for good until they no longer need them as of which they could then return back to the guild for a reward of contribution points for their player, the stats could be reset for the weapons and need to be enchanted again and any sockets that have been added removed,and as with the guild skills if you leave then the weapons are returned to the guild weapon vault if you have only loaned them for gold,this would encourage players to make more of an effort to contribute to their guild and also make the guild battles more challenging it would also encourage players to join a guild as the perks of being a guild member would be better than trying to go it alone,i would like to know what you think about this i do think it would be a great addition to the game so i am loooking forward to your reply , i would have posted this in the forum but would like to know what you guys at R2 think 1st and thanks for bringing us all a cracking game yours trully~~~ Myrrdin~~~GUILD MASTER OF THE TAU'RI.

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    Excellent idea, Another idea would be the bounty quest defeat so-and-so make him your own lvl so that you don't kill him in 1 hit for higher lvls. Will pass on suggestion.


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      thanks for passing this on, I did PM one of the GM's but as always they don't seem to reply, so posted here to see if anyone else thought it would be a good idea ,this would help a lot of players that are not big cashiers in the game or are freebie players


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        +1 from me too i love to have such a thing its hard to abuse since its only weapons and other equipment but just 1 problem

        when u enchant and socket u tend to make the item bound so it would be nice if we put unbound things to loan and when the players get the weapon and use it
        it will be bound but once they return it the weapon becomes unbound again this will make smaller non-abuse able way of loaning (not trading) to guildmates and the gold can turn into contribution to original player who loaned the weapon and wealth for the guild
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