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quaint intruder

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  • quaint intruder

    I get reference from "quaint intruder".

    Quaint is desert planet from armored troops votoms franchise where protagonist meets mysterious "wiseman".
    Which franchise i reccomend, main series was made in 80's, but last installment was from 2011 or something. Great material to witness evolution of anime production techniques.
    In general, it's "guileless action series".

    Though outfit itself and title design has nothing to do with series.

    Can I get free cloth set as a reward?
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    *gives freeswag a virtual cookie and a golf clap*


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      How about we go back to the way of the badass? The way this game was supposed to be before it became Fairy-tune.
      Vicious! Approach with Caution!
      Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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