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Server War? being original server Vs the ones merged with it.

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  • Server War? being original server Vs the ones merged with it.

    There seems to be a lot of feud between our original server with the ones it merged with, so how about making a war between us, not like guild battle or cross server guild battle but a war only between the ones you are merged with being a server war. Again not meaning cross server guild battle.

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    One of the big reasons for server merges is when individual servers can't stand on their own very well, so this doesn't seem like a great idea. And it would necessarily be a temporary condition, after a while relatively few players identify with a specific server number any more. The higher server numbers probably get the bulk of new players, too.


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      true I guess


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        Server merges are hurting people more than it can help them. There's that thing where 40 people are chosen to represent instead of the x times 40. So if 3 servers are merged together, 80 people are going to miss out. Guild wars is another story, where top 8 guilds can have 50 players max participating. If these guilds were doing good in gathering honour and insignias, then when a merge happens only 400 max players can be represented in the 8 guilds, while leaving others out. So if 3 are merged, that's another 800 players out of a fight. I know, you're going to tell me "then why don't you join one of the top 8". Would be great, except now, we got people making alts and putting them in. 210 (I think) is the max number that can join a single guild. Then also comes the 50 allowable players for GB, and if the GL is a <expletive> you won't see the light of day as long as you're in there (could be they didn't like you, or your BR isn't enough, or some other thing that could be accomplished in one's own guild had there were no merge).

        But, I don't know, and I don't care since my small unit on 632 has their agenda (to see how far they can go without any outside help when building up).
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