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Put the chat button back to its place

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  • Put the chat button back to its place

    with titan icon added , they took chat button to top right , so u cant inside rooms , inside farm or inside anywhere unless u can clearly see top right icons. so please return it to its place , put mounts/archeology or anything up there , it wont matter but chat panel must be accessible at all time, this is a social game after all where u always inv someone for dungeons , arena etc etc etc so chat cant be messed with

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    I wasn't aware there was one. I usually see the chat box on the lower left or that guild chat icon in the middle of the screen on some places which I hardly use since I am not that "chatty" at times.
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      there normally is a chat box. However, he is taling about the recent patch, where there is going to be a chat button apparently.


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        This is not the chat button. It's the Friends button, which is moved into that inaccessible place??? omg...perfect time to quit unless you don't chat in a social game.


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          Swap it with the stupid Knighthood button - I will never need that!!
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            And I don't. I am a ninja that way. Actually, nothing to be chatting about since I only complete the game in the 10 min time I had allocated to myself. But we shall see with the patch.
            Vicious! Approach with Caution!
            Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
            Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
            Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


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              Yes the PM messages are now not visible from too many places.

              If I go to bonfire, for 10 mins I can't see any pm. Then I do dimension, another 30 mins maybe I won't see... Then arenas, same. Then I'm doing my runs and for all that time I won't be able to see and answer any Pm. For a G M it is most inconvenient.

              I don't know who had that genius idea, but seems he didn't try it in game or doesn't play the game all together. Why not add an icon on the bottom bar or exchange astrals instead, we don't need astrals all day long..... It needs to be changed asap
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                You can still see pm's while in battle. Just hover your mouse over the chat icon. But yeah I do think it is a bad idea putting that up there.


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                  It is a wrong place to put friend list there, you can't ask help from friends in different guilds, or people can't asking to join your run when you in lobby. And that is when you use pm system most.
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                    That is shockingly stupid design. The social aspect is what keeps a lot of players around, both cashers and non, they could lose out badly if they make it too difficult to communicate with friends.

                    There are easy ways to save space in the bottom toolbar without kicking important features out entirely. The shop button could get a privileged space somewhere else. Or one button could spawn multiple buttons, like eudaemons, sylphs, titans all accessed from the same button.


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                      This was a horrid design. They could put archeology up there or astrals for that matter. Putting chat in such an inaccessible location was badly thought out.
                      Missed chats, missed replies.. horrid.. I love chatting to my friends and this is terrible.. I would be ok to a certain degree if they made it flash so I could at least see when received
                      a reply but they even removed that feature as well..


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                        LOL they dont give a dam about the way u chat to ur friends in pms lol the game is all about your cash avnt u figured that out yet

                        r2 logic lol they think the more u chat the less u spend lol


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                          yes well here is my logic back for them , If i chat less I game less and Im not a casher anyway so my opinion means diddly squat to them


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                            I highly doubt cashers would ever love this new design.

                            Most top cashers that I know of ("top" as in having over 10M BR) are more likely to communicate by PM than to discuss private matters in public,
                            even if it's a not-so-private thing such as being needed to help runs.

                            And most of them more or less hold guild office and help runs often.
                            If they can't even see who's talking to them unless they can see the icons on the upper right corner
                            or when they are in battle (in which case the chat messages show when you hover the chat button),
                            I doubt they would love it.

                            Lots people discuss matters and social a bit when they are doing a boring chore such as dimensions and BI.
                            Stripping away that function is like the last straw for them, especially for the ones who remain in game for their friends.


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                              Could a mod please forward this up it is a very big messup thanks