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  • New update v5.6

    Hey R2, 7 Road,
    How bout instead of implementing more stuff for us to have to spend money on to keep competitive in the game, you actually FIX what's in game.
    The idea that you are implementing new coding without fixing the broken coding that is already in game is blatantly ridiculous. I understand that you
    are a profit based business, but doesn't providing a reliable product to your consumers fit into your business model? How long has Tower of Kings
    been impossible for people to complete. What about the arena "matching" that hasn't worked correctly in years? You may see new patches and
    more items in game as increased profit, but if you do not provide reliable results you are only losing money. Do you have any idea how many people
    in game complain about it not being worth spending money anymore because things you spend money on this week, don't work next week. The amount
    of glitches and problems in this game abound, and your solution is to add more content. I have played this game on and off for several years now. I
    have to say I honestly like it, most of it anyway. This continued implementation of new content for people to waste money on is a poor investment
    in your consumer base. If you really wish people to continue spending money on your game, you need to show them that the issues that crop up
    are addressed and resolved. That bugs, glitches, and straight up cheats and hacks, are dealt with. I say its high time to stop adding shiny new things
    to the game and fix the issues that already exist. Once you do this, and people have a reliable game to play, they will feel more trusting at investing
    in their characters. You already have a fun and entertaining game that has amazing potential, but you need to show your players (investors); that
    the product they are putting their hard earned money on is going to be reliable.