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Emergency shutdown of S1

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  • Emergency shutdown of S1

    Any clue of length or reasoning behind this. Hoping for short delay, but ready for normal amount of patience required *looks at beer fridge*

    Babs aka Duggan
    S1 (S228)

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    I heard that everyone on S1 is really mean, so it's shutdown for good ...

    *hugs and waits for spanks*


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      when i first created my toon on s1, everyone i met on there was an unreasonably rude arrogant jerk.
      i didn't even come during new patch time, but they were still terribly suspicious and unfriendly.
      after some server merges, my old guild dropped below top 8 and g m went offline. it changed owner and new owner kicked everyone except for a few.
      that was like the best thing ever happened. i had the pleasure to join my current guild, which is quite friendly for as far as i know of.
      at times, things can improve.