This essentially looks like a convoluted super dryad-bomb.

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4. As a penalty, Players using Kamakazi will also remove 500 crystal gathering points from entire team effort.
So you paint a major target on your back, and you screw over your own team in the process. Aside from a spit in the face to whales who might spawn-camp and just generally be annoying, I'm having a hard time seeing any benefit in this.

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3. As a Penalty Kamakazi users will not be allowed to exit game until 5 minutes have passed
3. Does not take away from the stronger players who i'm sure will wreak havoc after being Kamakazi'd and will take advantage of the 4 minutes that Kamakazi players are being automatically ejected from base.
So you blocked the ability for people to just rage-quit a win, which is probably a good thing. But I can only see this causing a massive amount of drama.

Surely there's another way to tweak the system to make it a bit more balanced than this....