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Cross Platform Matching (??)

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  • Cross Platform Matching (??)

    Somewhere down the line, we were told that once the patch is out that we are going to see some improvements in the way matching is made since we got "cross platform" (I refused to call it cross server as it is no longer limited to R2 now) going. What a <expletive>in' crock of horse <expletive>! I've decided to hit the arena (first time in like aeons) just to take a look, and I was hit with players that have red sylphs, knighthood skills, and the sort. I only had one match from a player in the same platform and cluster. My poor level 33 alt is going to feel that for a thousand lifetimes.

    You want my feedback? It sucks <expletive>! It sucks <expletive> before it was revamped about a few patches ago. It sucks <expletive> when we got knighthood. It sucks <expletive> when we got the cross platform (oh please let me hit that person with the thickest phone book possible) thing going. And it sucks <expletive> now with this patch and Titan skills going about.

    You're all about the generics as you have proved my point that "one size fits all" mentality lives in that company (not R2, but of that joke that calls themselves Proficient City; proficient my <expletive>). Might as well just call it "the event where whoever spends the most will always win". That way, I am sure it will entice people more.

    And now, I will retire to a movie since I am through ranting.
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    r2 has screwed players that been here years in wilds used to be fulled now empty cities and alot.non cashers,casual ones no longer can go in arena now only matching sucks its 3 to 4 on 1 with red sylphs players with knighthood once again r2 you messed up and your game is not fun i met and chatted with people all over the world.we all agree you suck on your decisions.i cant removed things i always did last all about cashers if non cashers go and casual ones the bullies that spend alot will one to hit the game became very boring.i wont put money in a dying game not happy to be only for ppl i known for years i comeback