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diamonds ????

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    Originally posted by Mudokon View Post
    they do show up in bounty targets though, just as before so not really any change , just be sure to go as high as possible each day, no skipping.
    How do you figure they still show up in bounties without any change? I think the majority if not everyone will go days without seeing any diamonds in bounties. And if diamonds do show up, good chance it will be on the highest level which means if you keep killing them, you will eventually level up to high and not be able to kill anything.


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      I have not had a single diamond since the new patch and the new kid bounties.


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        finaly eu diamond event .. no lets count complains .. rofl ..


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          I get the rare lv2 diamond, but it should be lv3 at the level I'm at. If they made it lv3 and a little less rare drop in bounty, I'd be fine with it. Having lv2 diamonds appear once a week in bounty is unacceptable. Diamonds are impossible to get and good luck to newer players trying to make a 12 diamond.


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            since patch ive only seen diamonds once and that was lv94 13xlv3 diamonds

            will they drop in edu patrols in future maybe nm patrols ? or do we need to buy them soon

            as an event for edu diamond synth today alot of us have no diamonds due to the nerf from bounty hunt


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              I saw diamonds 3 4 times but they were only lvl 2. Since i am at low lvl (68-74) i asume i wont see lvl 3 at all.
              New players are doomed getting diamonds without cashing.
              Good i have still 300-400 lvl 3 diamonds so i can still do few of the event but nothing too crazy. Will take it with baby steps. Dont want to risk and overspend them.