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Multi Player Arena - add one more session

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  • Multi Player Arena - add one more session

    hi folks...

    is about time the multi player arena (pvp) be added another session say...around US west server time 6am~8am time.

    Ofcourse u can limit each character to enter one session only like what u did with tank battle now after patch

    I'm sure alot of people from europe/asia created account in US and vice versa.

    Now that cross server is available, make sense to have more session...

    just a suggestion...

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    Actually, I would like that since I get up around 05:20A (don't ask) and leave the house by 06:30A (sometimes 07:00A) on certain days. However, I do feel it should be limited to the attempts a person have for rewards (and unlimited after that for no rewards) just like the other two are; so that way if they need to make up, the option is open for the other two times to be used as well.
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