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Old Clothing System was Best! New Clothing System TAKE NOTICE!

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  • Old Clothing System was Best! New Clothing System TAKE NOTICE!

    In my time that I had played Wartune, I had somewhat enjoyed the old clothing system much more than the new one that came out with the patch.

    In the Old System:
    • I can synth clothes together (or fashion cores into clothing) to raise the clothing's level. Sometimes fail, sometimes success.
    • I can unlock clothing (sometimes new pieces if it doesn't keep unlocking the same basic ones) with each synth done.
    • I can identify clothing (pass or fail) that will count towards the "Identify Clothing" event (more fails = more shards/rewards).
    • My starting rage combines with each piece of clothing (levels) equipped.
    • A player is awarded titles for having 4 pieces on them.

    In the New System:
    • I have to engulf clothes to activate them or to level up.
    • I have to wait after level 10 and every 5 levels to get a new piece (wings or cloth); and the cut off is at 110. Sad part is that it "might" give you the same piece.
    • When identifying clothing, there is no failure rate for the gold usage (haven't tried cores yet so when I get them, I will do that), thus low amount of rewards for the "ID Clothing" event.
    • My starting rage just sucks. From 30-something to just 17!
    • On titles, I won't go there since some of them work, and some don't.
    What I am suggesting for this New System (now that we got it):
    • Make it possible to unlock a new piece of clothing after each level, instead of every 5 levels. So we have more clothing unlocking options.
    • Make it possible for the system to scan to see which clothes/wings a player has and work on only activating those they do not have.
    • Make it possible that titles unlock after all pieces are verified in the dressing room; either by engulfing, or unlocking a piece (via leveling up).
    • I haven't tried cores yet (because I don't have any) after the gold identify, but make it possible that there can be a failure rate when identifying. Just a decent rate will do.
    • And on starting rage, I am sure we can be decent since some of the levels I had seen the starting rage remain the same and just go up one after a few levels made.
    That's it for now. If anyone want to add something to this, I will gladly edit and include you in the credits.
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    Ok, other than the starting rage issue, I can honestly say I MUCH prefer the new clothing system to the old.
    1. I never have to worry about failing on a synth event and lose some hard earned clothing or use lots of hard to get good luck charms to guarantee a success (especially with wings)
    2. Identification/Refinement never fails and always improves. Great improvement over the huge gold/fashion core loss from trying to identify/refine clothing to only get some limited rewards back.
    3. Every engulf of a clothing/wing piece has a chance to crit and complete the clothing level. I've gained many more levels than I should have for the number of clothes I've engulfed because of this.
    4. Starting rage goes up 1 point every other clothing level so it will always get better if just much slower than before (one of the downsides to the new system).
    5. The change to the clothing titles is a weird bug that they are looking into. Used to be when this happened, all you had to do was select all 4 pieces of the set and put them on to get the title. For some reason it's no longer doing this (probably since the clothing is just a graphic now rather than an actual item in inventory/equipped). Hopefully they will change it back and that will address your issues with the titles.

    Over all, while the starting rage does hurt, the new system is actually better for newer players since it greatly reduces the amount of gold, fashion cores, clothes and good luck charms a player needs to improve their clothing and br from refinement. As an older player this is a bit frustrating when I think of all the clothing I lost when I attempted a combine without using good luck charms and failed. Oh well, just means I'll be trading for clothing from event boxes than I was.


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      With this new system, you do get more BR and stats but you do lose starting rage but there is always a rage rune so that isn't a big deal, imo. But once we initially engulf all of our clothing, it will take a long time to level. I do like how your stars can only go up when refining clothing with cores but don't like how you can't fail with gold. This is why I identified all mine before patch.

      Another good thing is you gain inventory space once you engulf them. But for me, I am saving my clothing in hopes of a new type of event. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.


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        Thanks for the feedback. I guess I had been used to the old system much to see some sort of benefit (like the identify event). As I have mentioned before, it was easy to get the full collections of basic clothes and wings by feeding the cores (with failure rates) to them that I had to buy one of each (if starting out) or just collect the entire set (before they changed it) and pump the cores to them to get the other pieces to be later identified. I have yet to use cores to ID clothing since I went and used them for the engulf portion (LOL); but when I was doing it with gold, I kind of enjoyed the failure rates as each attempt is counted towards the ID event which equals more shards to be collected (plus I had gold to burn since I put them into animals).

        I haven't put together a suggestion for having the old clothing sets to be placed into a shard shop in the same manner as the mounts (and to have the shards as personal currency like the beast souls so inventory space can be saved) are placed for one of two reasons: 1. I am trying to figure out how it can be made, reasonably priced (shards wise), and how often they will be presented/refreshed (the newer ones do not have to be in the shop as an event can still happen for them); and 2. because I am hoping someone else can probably come up with something that can be presented to the devs in the hopes it can happen.
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        Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
        Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
        Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


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          Both systems have their goods and bads.
          We are forced to change skill rotation due to the lower starting rage.
          On the other hand, the stats boosts are much nicer, we don't need to waste anything, and we don't need to keep hundreds of clothing items in the mail. Horay!
          Overall, I think the change is progressive.
          As for the rotation change, we all have to adapt to new skills once knighted, so this early practice might be a good preparatory exercise.