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Thinking of coming back...or maybe now help me decide lol

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  • Thinking of coming back...or maybe now help me decide lol

    Okay I have some questions I would like to ask before I decide to come back to this game or not. I was reading the forums especially the "shocking truth" post and now I am a bit afraid if i should return or not lmao. Either way if I do decide to return it be mainly for fun. Not going hard on cashing this time around. That being said my questions I have are

    1.) is this game still extremely time consuming. I work daily and my shifts change from time to time. Sometimes I work days or sometimes I work evenings. I won't be rejoining if this game requires you to be on all day like it use to be. I may miss some events which is fine but is it going to be a game breaker if I am not 100% with my dailies every day.

    2.) Does this game still require you to have a set team to do dailies with? I remember that you need to get a set team going right off the bat or it be extremely hard to get mpds and other dailies done. Is that still the same way or is it easier to get dailies done with out a set team each day. With my work shifts I doubt ill be able to get a set team going for my time.

    3.) After reading the forums I notice there's a lot of hate going on about the game. However, that has been that way forever from my knowledge. Is the game really that bad now and only cater to hard core whales? I don't plan on cashing hard at all. I might cash here and there a little bit but won't go aiming for top ranks or anything like that. Can I still do well being a light casher?

    4.) The sylphs and eudeamon. Are these easier to upgrade now with out costing an arm and leg? I notice there's some crazy fusion sylphs that cost like 600.00 to get. Are those needed to do well or can a normal non fusion sylph just do as good? Main point is if these hard cashing "items" are required to do events or not?

    5.) How often are BBs in this game now? Are they still very hard to get are they are in good chunks now that free players/light cashers can obtain.

    That's mainly all the questions I have now. I mainly want to know though is this game still too time consuming and are set teams needed to have fun still. Everything else I can probably manage through, but what worries me most is the amount of time needed for the game and if dailies are going to be a pain in the *** to get done like it use to be.

    Oh yea and does the knight class still suck and the mage class too OP like it use to be? if i come back want to know what's the better class to choose. I prefer knights but if they still are weak and suck then ill probably go mage this time around.
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    1. Yes.

    2. Yes at the beginning. Not so much once you get above a certain level. MPD difficulty is static, player power isn't.

    3. Hard core whales. You won't even be able to get a clothing set without being one.

    4. Not required, but useful to have. You tend to die horribly to them if you don't have them, so you can rule out doing well in things like Class Wars and the like.

    5. You can get hundreds a week if you log in often enough. The 10-day cycle of logins give a few hundred per cycle.

    I solo most things, but I am a pretty high BR. Note that it is far harder to get to my BR without spending tons now than it was, so factor that in.


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      Its your call dude if you feel like playing than play. I think there are a lot of threads here that can give u accurate picture of whats happening but best way is to see it for yourself. I personally quit some time ago and i dont think of coming back at all just viewing from time to time this forum. If you want just to kill time doing something than you shouldn't be bothered with anything and just idle around this game doing some stuff or chatting. If you want to advance and develop though those things that you saw here are you must cash your butt out to get somewhere especialy if you begin from scratch. Just log in and see in what state events are now and you'll get the whole picture right away i think especialy when you start gathering mats like mount whips for example and wanting to raise you riding skill when whip event comes. Events are just tip of the iceberg that sunk this game though there are a lot more disturbing things that happened here like change of the clothing system.
      Its all developers fault here they just lack common sense and skills to run a p2w game. Now i`m playing one other game where cashing feature is present but its whole different story from this R2 circus.


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        if you got away. do not come back ;P
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          If you got away from this game and found another, dont come back and spend tons here, causes they will steal your battle rating, and you'll spend tons of money trying to get back what they stole from the players


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            WT has become the generic game in itself. Typically, in the past, I would had gone with "proper" matching and/or difficulty scaling. However, as they say for new players, "no chance in Hell"; unless of course, you spend to the point you're making payments as part of your bills for this game. The events are skimped out for free players, but the devs don't have any problem in adding tons of spender based events which many of us aren't doing.

            But don't take my word for it. Dive in for yourself in whatever server you wish.
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              Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
              3. Hard core whales. You won't even be able to get a clothing set without being one.
              I recharge 20 bucks a month, I have acquired several clothing sets by saving the clothing shards then exchanging them for a set, no need to be a hard core whale.
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                Originally posted by R26899831 View Post
                I recharge 20 bucks a month, I have acquired several clothing sets by saving the clothing shards then exchanging them for a set, no need to be a hard core whale.
                2000 balens will not be enough to sustain the pattern.


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                  1) It is not as time consuming because the multi-player aspect has been simplified. You can do "digging" to get all of your legendary stones and shards fairly quickly, and as a result, you only need to do normal MPDs for the crystalloids to get your gear ... so you can solo your way to full level 80 gear, since a maxed evolved (level 2) sylph is easy to get now, (including Hades).
                  Other time-based changes ...
                  No crypt keys needed for Necropolis or Purgatory Maze, so that will be a new need for blitz-time (keys are now for double-rewards. Also, no more gem scrolls needed for advanced gems).
                  Sylph Expedition is a new crypt-like dungeon to blitz that will net you a few dozen mahra per day
                  Solo dungeons now have 3-daily "nightmare" blitzes that provide plenty of kyanite, gold, and some crystalloids (and no more worthless gear).
                  Farming - takes much longer (several minutes), but animals get you mahra, mount whips and/or blood of zeus at about 40-120 per day.
                  Dragon Invasion - It's still the same, but now everyone is much stronger, so nearly any group can go several rounds (and warm bodies are better than nobody).
                  Weekly Dungeon - once a week, you get together a good group, much as you once did for the daily MPDs
                  The games (Jewel/fishing/etc) - no more need to spend time doing them, as any worthwhile rewards have been removed
                  Maintaining inventory - no need to regularly convert gems (and similar new items), as we now get 2 pages of inventory for gems-type-items (multi types, multi levels) for 2500 balens.

                  2.) Most group-based activity has been rendered pointless.
                  MPD - you can (and usually will) solo through normal lvl 70 MPD, then lvl 80 MPD, until you have the crystalloids to complete 70 and 80 gear.
                  TOK - now the starting difficulty (and lag) is so high, the first Easy fight is not significantly easier than Nightmare level.
                  Spire - still the exact same, but there is a Nightmare mode.
                  Arena - not as useful, now that insignia is not as useful (see "digging"). There is now a League Insignia, but you get first-level rewards with 2-3 solo losses (you can solo Arena now) and the next-level rewards takes 3-4 days of full-runs.
                  Battlegrounds - far more unbalanced, and honor/medallions not so important since few PvP battles are decided by individual strength and skills. (basically battleground, class wars and titan wars).
                  World Boss - now it dies in 2-3 rounds, and you get about half the gold/daru (see "easy to max out sylphs")

                  3.) New reasons to hate the game over the last couple of years: if you were not there, in mid-2014, they gave away about 25,000 mount-whips (off the record, it was an accident) and soon after, they got rid of the reward cycle of whips->soul crystals->gems (unlimited). That made soul crystals very hard to get for low-level players (for a year, the "sources" were Circuit Quests and Atoll Bosses). The mini-games were nerfed over and over and over until they were finally made pointless. The dimension maps were introduced as a fun, semi-strategic game with a variety of rewards, then nerfed over and over until it became a monotonous series of clicking with one reward. The eudaemons were added, making lag much worse. The issue of paying for HP potions became exponentially worse as the HP became exponentially larger (now players can have millions of HP). The issue of single-click astral collection (the free-player level) became worse as level-10 astrals became more common (notably the damage reducers and crit-power boosters).
                  More recently - a bad glitch led to some people getting massive free gems, and the developers responded by deleting all the gems for most of those people, then few were permitted any gems being returned if they sent a ticket and waited several days. Then a reward-tree glitch was discovered, and many players got massive free items for several weeks, and the only thing the developers did was delete any 600 dollar sylphs that were gained for free. At that point, every last player lost any remaining hope that the devs/providers cared about anything besides the money. In the forum, a certain someone made a habit of red-voting every comment he disliked (regardless of agreeing/disagreeing, he red-voted anything if he did not like the way you said it), so they got rid of the ten-day bans. I probably missed some things.
                  The positive changes ...
                  The events/rewards cycles went from monthly to weekly cycles.
                  We can now directly delete unwanted sylph skills using balens.
                  If you give them money for some reason, the recharge events went from one-every-now-and-then to multiple-recharge-event-rewards every day.

                  4.) It is very easy to have a full set of maxed-out level2 sylphs. The level3 upgrade is not hard, but does not give much of a direct stat-boost, and the advanced seps/mahra are not readily available through general game-play (they are mostly gotten via event-points exchanges).

                  5.) About 1000 balens per month plus the random bonuses (events bonuses, return rewards, balens mines) get about another 1000 per month, and the "pennies" (spire/guild) can add up to about 10-20 per day if you go get them.

                  AppendixA) Not nearly as time consuming, but because most things are now either simple or worthless. Archaeology and farming can be done in 15-30 minutes, during which you can watch chat, PM and try to get in a good group to run some things with. An hour of blitzing with get your big3 (necro/purgatory/sylph-dungeon), during which you can scroll through events and stuff, maybe play a mini-game for old-times sake, maybe even find a group to join spontaneously.

                  AppendixB) pre-knighthood, knights still suck (and you will spend much more gold on HP potions now), but after knighthood, the mages suck, as their heals become a percentage of the target's hit-points, not a product of the mage's attack power. ... and their rage-building is even further behind the other two classes.


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                    stay in rehab , dont comeback been trying few months to go cold turkey hoping soon ;p


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                      Originally posted by Alsatia01 View Post
                      2000 balens will not be enough to sustain the pattern.
                      Not sure what you mean, i dont use my balens to get the clothing shards, i get chests from event rewards/exchanges, open them, get shards, exchange for a clothing set (120 clothing shards)
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                        Originally posted by R26899831 View Post
                        Not sure what you mean, i dont use my balens to get the clothing shards, i get chests from event rewards/exchanges, open them, get shards, exchange for a clothing set (120 clothing shards)
                        I'm saying 2000 balens is not enough to get every clothing set, via flat exchanges, nor do they give enough clothing shards to get the sets from exchanges, long term. Once you run out of your hoarded supply of clothing shards (that was presumably gained from patience and particularly good events, not balens), you will no longer get any clothing sets.

                        That's not even mentioning the mount.
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                          You are not likely to get 120 shards from a single event.


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                            Originally posted by krzycanuk View Post
                            stay in rehab , dont comeback been trying few months to go cold turkey hoping soon ;p

                            they are certainly making the choice easier


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                              if u left and u thinking of comming back u need ur head testing lol