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r2 hot events

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  • r2 hot events

    any chance r2 will reconsider some events

    maybe some new events ( ur own server related beatem ups )

    or bring back a selected few unlimited events once a mnth (gems or whips or res crystals on rotation)

    cuz hot vents is looking a bit boring week after week seeing same old events

    why not hold a charity event for aids or cancer or any illness what ever wartune players multi platform spend on events or sales r2/7roads makes same donation to charity lets see how deep r2/7roads pockets are lol

    or new event

    example champion of champions event each server sends 1 champion from their server to battle all other champions winner gets balens to spend as he wishes players can wager balens to bet on who will win if ppl spend alot r2 gives 10% to charity lol from the losers wagers
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    It's funny when I check the events, it's pretty much the same mundane thing. First 3 days of the week, lots of spending based events and draws, 1 or 2 free based events. The weekend, spending based events. Last 3 days, lots of spending events and 1 day specials, 1 or 2 events for the free people. The only one I think was beneficial is the sep/mahra event which is at every 4 weeks. The other 3 weeks are "meh".

    I wonder if they are running analytics to see how many people are actually participating in those "spender" events, because from the free side, not many people are looking forward.
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      I hate the new hot events
      they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))