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not getting greenflames

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  • not getting greenflames

    ok this is ridiculous been digging in erandrel for 6 weeks straight no greenflames can there be more ways to get greenflames other then just dim chests and digs in erandrel?

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    Event chests are the best source. Always has been.

    If you think that is bad, wait till you try to get the orange enchant crystals. They DON'T EXIST except as $$$ only.


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      Green flames are a bit rare, but keep at it. The lv2 one (title) should drop once every 4-5 days and the lv1 should be once every 7-10 days. Also, look in handbook for green flame rewards. Go for those titles and you can get your green flames. It takes patience but you can get the flames you need.


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        Wait until you need Dragon Blood Stones and Golden Sand after using yellow flames. They exist in 1 shop once a month (i think titan war but not sure) and you will be lucky to get enough for 1 measly enchantment. The rewards are too expensive and the game is hugely outdated.