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weekly maintenance

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  • weekly maintenance

    yeap, its in 10h. but as its too hard for r2 o bother to annouse it in time to us thoght i would.

    so yep game will be down for 1h to 9h depending what they will mess up this time and possibly few hours extra again after it so all you on oceanic prepare to loose out on cw finals again (as if that would be anything new).

    we can't be bothered to fix anything. you know we do push for the problems we hear from players to be fixed but its the bad devs they just will not listen to us.

    oh and yeah. you get the same cupcake as a loot form this. if we remember to send it out. prolly not thou, so do post on it here so we can say it was sent even if not. cya later. We put the player first.
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    They probably havn't posted anything in the forum yet about the maintenance on 05/12/2016.
    Because they will probably be nerfing something again, And they do not want us to know in advance what will be nerfed.

    That is my opinion anyway,
    idk if others will agree.

    we will all find out after the maintenance i suppose.