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Does qte work anymore?

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  • Does qte work anymore?

    Is it just me? I watch the damage when I run solo, and I do not see the 25% increase for qte on those skills that qte increases damage. I'm sure it used to make a difference. Is this something new?

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    it works, but now much less time to do it since the skill often to launch before you finish your qte.
    its a tradeoff between faster casting time with qte damage bonus, and i personally like it better now.
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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      When you're alone, it's nearly impossible to complete the qte for your first attack. Much easier for later attacks, but you can definitely still miss it.


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        Once you get a eudaemon, wait until it selects their attack skill when fights start, and as soon as it pops up above them, then select your skill and do the appropriate QTE. Worked every time for me for the first attack. Also, once you get knighted, you don't have to worry about doing the QTE nonsense anymore.


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          Do it immediately after attack select. I miss it sometimes too