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Summon Eud and selling eud need update

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  • Summon Eud and selling eud need update

    Now that we get 20 marks a day and have a lot of junk euds to sell, maybe we need an update to the system. I had 60 marks and manually summoning a eud 12 times was a hassle. And when you sell (recycle) eud, you are dropped out of eud menu. It adds time it takes to recycle all those euds. Maybe you should be able to lock euds and then do a "recycle all junk euds" option.

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    Originally posted by Vroukarouk View Post
    Maybe you should be able to lock euds and then do a "recycle all junk euds" option.
    Totally agree. There's a lock on everything already, might as well add it to Eudaemon. I don't want to be one of the ones who accidentally sell off their eudaemon while configuring settings, or something.

    Oh, and go ahead and add the bunny, the frost drawf and the panther to the 'list' of normally attainable eudaemon. It is currently impossible to summon them using mark shards, which is kind of pointless considering these eudaemon are sub-par compared to the ones already available. Might as well give people a reason for the massive number of mark shards they attain daily.


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      I'd be more worried about hackers who get into your account. They can't touch anything else, but they can touch your kids...

      [waits for the inevitable brain explosion]


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        and I am sure you have been touched by some of those kids Ada
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