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This Game Is A Money Scam

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  • This Game Is A Money Scam

    Jesus loves you! He really does.
    Last edited by jsssvs1; 06-09-2016, 07:12 PM.

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    Lol! Not so funny for that discovery of yours but the fact that you made it now... Anyway if you ask me R2 or whoever is responsible for things that happened here and overall the downfall of western version of Wartune should be behind bars! But not cause they stripped numerous morons (i say morons not for the fact that they pay but for neglecting for what actually are purchasing, especially in the last couple of months) from their money but for the total annihilation of one rly great game. Recently i spoke about the epic fail of a pvp matching that goes here deliberately...this should never happen in ANY game but here we are and this is by far just tip of the iceberg of failures.

    I dont care if someone takes advantage from the other ppl stupidity, after all we all have minds on our own and can decide what is right and what is wrong and both are quite subjective. And this by far is not the real problem here. If you have money and want to spend it on games..ok np go ahead and do it. Its not a scam to try to lure people to buy your product after all thats how marketing goes -> you offer and advertise your product so ppl can buy. Problem is when the product is good for nothing and thats what is this game right now..pile of trash. Like having one of the latest Mercedes models and crushing it into a wall or tree cause you drove drunk than fixing it cheaply and trying to sell it for more that you bought it. And there were lots of indicators where this game is heading to..I personaly forsaw this thing coming around the time they cutted unlimited res crystal event and it was all confirmed with ruining of HF, mahra and sepu -> those were the things that spilled my cup of patience and i`m really tolerant and patient person.


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      thats right yeah,,,,...........?


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        Ha Ha Best Post Ever!

        No, I am serious on it. I haven't played for about 2 weeks because me and the missus have been arguing about being there for our son. I had to thank R2/7Road/ProCity for finally breaking the spell and wean me off. I do come to forums just to get a laugh or two as there is no crime against that.
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          No way! It cannot be true!
          Are you going to tell me that the sky is blue and the water is wet too?


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            that`s not true....? hat


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              game is useless to play devs must do loa1 too game lagged and reloading here some moron put locks on gear there is no support to fix moving crystals now i had clothing shards i cant put on my is a big waste of time to play ppl making decisions should be in jail.selling things you cant used or change your tired of morons make decisions dont play these games expect players keep their jobs here