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chat system issues.

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  • chat system issues.

    chat system changes
    With updates, the game community feels it the hardest. We had something that worked really well and you replaced it with a big titan icon of which most people will never achieve because of your ridiculous game costs. The "play for free" is merely a smoke and mirror routine on your part and we spend crazy money on items that don't really throw you through the ranks that fast. Anyway, back to the subject. The chat system... I do not hear anyone saying "wow, what an improvement" in fact, I am hearing and feeling quite the opposite on the matter. First off, the chat system is flawed from the get go. Why does anyone need to know how many conversations they have open? That's what the little number is next to the friends list heart icon (that can't get any smaller). So, ok, now I see I have 2 chat windows open. Neither person has said anything to me in 10 minutes but I keep scrolling over it to see if they said something because there is no warning that they did. Sometimes I open the chats to see if the person said they were going afk or something, but no, there is no dialogue happening at the moment. As a sort of punishing slap in the face, that little icon toys with me, and again, I scroll over to see if there is a little flag hidden under then number icon for how many chats are open. If I had 50 conversations opened, I wouldn't need to know how many were open. I need to know how many people responded to me or started a message of there own to me. Lets get with it wartunes... We pay you guys premium dollars, there should be little to no flaws... In place of the conversation number, simply make the icon flash. Then, make the icon so that when we scroll over the icon, it gives us the number of open unattended conversations. then, as it works now, make it so when you click the icon, a drop down list of all the conversations (by players name) appears. All unanswered, unviewed conversations stay in bold, all the answered go to non-bold. simple fix and people would be way happier. so lets recap the simple salution here. 1) make the icon flash when someone has sent an unviewed message to you
    2) make the number that appears over the icon, the actual number of unanswered messages, not the amount of people you are talking to.
    3)leave messages distinguishable by leaving unanswered messages in bold, and viewed messages in non-bold.
    4) lastly, make a drop box for this. I point this one out because you guys tend to fix one thing and ruin another so I am trying to cover all bases