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New low for R2, no bound balens with recharges............

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  • New low for R2, no bound balens with recharges............

    Even I didnt think they would sink this low...pure greed

    Well I wont recharge anymore until Bound Balens are added back.

    Im finding these days that Im spending the Bound balens faster than my balens

    Do they really think Players with pay out for

    Knighthood talents (lvl24 is 18.6k, do they really expect players to spend $186 on a talent)
    Titan levels (Im sure someone can give the cost per level)
    Sylph skills especially merged sylphs

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    Hmm so it comes to this point..I wonder who is making those "wise" decisions and why? Its obviously a strategy to lower incomes of resources and materials so to make people cash more but is this the right way to run p2w game? Are they that desperate or just too full of themselves? Too much greed can drive off customers because simply gameplay becomes real burden than joy and purpose of any game is to bring fun for players. Before targets were only free players and campers and forcing them to quit or start leveling up and cashing. Now as it seems R2 are targeting paying customers.