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Battle grounds.

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  • Battle grounds.

    I dont know why 30-39 has there own Battle ground and 40-49 doesnt well it's for sure NOT FAIR at all we dont stand any chance against any 50 lvl so idk it's up to you but I just suggest a 50-59 new battle ground area So plz take it in mind. ty.

    Char Name: Kres
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    lol well i can't play bg yet.... but sounds fair to me. i would hate going against people 10 lvls above me


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      Server numbers are not high enough for that yet. Besides, I kind of like charging at massive cashers, 3 levels higher than me, just so that I can take them down with 80% Dryads

      Not to mention, when you do take a massive casher down, at a high level, you get huge honor increases. I got 200 honor from 1 kill earlier today.


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        I'll be surprised if they will ever do that, etc. Though I agree lvl 50-59 should have their own BG, who cares about # of servers, there are plenty of lvl 50+ already out there to do so, they aren't going to do anything about it, cause all the lvl 50+ are going to whine cause of no lower lvls to farm in BG.


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          Well There is a plenty of 50+ ppl Here , I killed lvl 55 b4 but he was like 18 HP left thou anyways like I was sayin, If you got like max lvl knights and max accdemy etc... they won't stand a chance they just hit over 7ks even u with 5k PDEF / MDEF and also lvl 40-49 will just have to afk in BG couz they can't even get BG shards.


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            i'm thinking its about time that they separate the lvl50+ from the lvl40 bg.. the sets for 55 will be out in 2 weeks time.. there are alot of lvl50+ in our server now, 60s are in somewhere countable..
            they will be getting the 55 set soon and will be hard for those in 45 even in gear to fight back.

            still seeing lvl40 people being bashed by lvl60 in bg..

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