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Frost Dwarf passive skill

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  • Frost Dwarf passive skill

    Does Dwarven rage is active just for the dwarf or for player too because it not sense too much in Dragon Invazion like wind Ranger's curst arrow?

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    That's a weird one. The description makes it sound like it debuffs the enemy, but it gives no duration, so that doesn't really make sense. Either way, the description is bad, but after a little testing, I think it just gives the dwarf bonus damage. It's too bad, since eudaemons are mostly useful for their buffs, and that one would have been nice.


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      mmm.... i have made some test and the dwarf passive debuff the enemy for one turn only. The same turn the eudemon does the dmg, so if it normaly hist 100k it will hit 130k if it procs. And the player next hit will also has that 30% bonus. Also if u are lucky it can also proc when using eudo delph (u get a 50% bonus for one turn and the % of ur delph for 1 more turn).


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        last lv upgrade of that skill gives 40% chance to do +30% deamge to the enemy every turn if that skill affect hero too it is awsome skill if it is not that sucks


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          I must not have tested it enough, then. But a 1-turn debuff isn't that great, since it means you need the dwarf to attack before anyone else. That's possible to try and time, but not easy. In a team, it becomes more likely, so for something like spire could be pretty useful.


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            I think it is like the rabbit's passive. It is supposed to be only for the kid's attacks. Of course, as usual, 7Road flubbed the method in how they went about to achieve that.