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Kid eq refine stuff

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  • Kid eq refine stuff

    OK. Anyone know where to get Dark Steel? It seems to be the missing link here. We can get the smooth stones from the online events, and we can get the premium refine crystals from Class Wars at a ridiculously exorbitant rate, but it seems that dark steel is nowhere to be found for love or balens...

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    I am pretty sure I seen dark steel in a recent pvp event shop but just can't remember which one.

    Wait, I was wrong, I was thinking of well refined stone. Can't think of anywhere to get darksteel rock.
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      The only place I've been told so far is events. Eudaemon Refining Pack sale gives you 15 Darksteel for 199 balens. The Eudaemon Advancement Pack online event gives you 10 Darksteel after 3 hours online. Both appear to only run once a month.
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        Ugh. That sucks. Wait it is, then. All my kid eq stuck at blue now because of it