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  • noctis123
    started a topic De-Synthesize



    I would just want to suggest since we are going to have an update on Improved Gem Conversion

    I would also like to have the feature of "De-Synthesize" Mean the Amount of Items Made for 1 Specific Item would be returned into their original state

    Level 2 HP Gem - If you decide to De-synthesize the item, you would get the equivalent amount of you forging it which means you get 4 pcs of Level 1 HP Gem.

    This would be really great if this can be applied to Crystaloids aswell

  • noctis123
    We would want to De-Synth Gems because...

    #1 - with the New Upgrade that we would have we can convert all of our gems into the gem that we need. To be able to Maximize the potential of creating the gems that we need, it's a simple option.

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  • Gyrannon
    crystaloids i guess i can see, but gems? what? seriously why? degrading gems makes no sense, none.

    De-Synth imo would work much better with Gear - Example:
    You just spent 50 lv2 Crystaloids to create a piece of a set, an then after you get the pvp stuff, you realize you made a mistake, you de-synth an get the 50 crystaloids, that were used to create the now useless gear, back an can now use them to create better crystaloids for higher level gear.

    That would make more sense than degrading gems cause better gems equals better stats, so why would you wanna reduce your stats? makes no sense.

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