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Make rested exp a choice

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  • Make rested exp a choice

    I am a camper lv 39, being a camper was my choice and i love to do it. But when i dont log into the server for a day i get exp(300k per day) which frustrates me.Why doesnt R2 make it a choice!!.

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    Because that is not the way they want people to play the game. What you are saying is that you like Old Kent Road and will only buy Old Kent Road, so it should be your choice that you don't roll the dice and not move from Old Kent Road, and Monopoly shouldn't force you to roll the dice.

    Go away... Just... Go away.


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      Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
      Monopoly shouldn't force you to roll the dice.
      I will buy the dice when i want to and have enough stuff, not when u want me to.


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        Then don't play Monopoly. Simple, ain't it?