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what the hell is this nonsense???

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  • what the hell is this nonsense???

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    How in god's name are we supposed to redeem that reward if we don't have mini client, and probably will never have! Don't really care about the reward not the point. So when is mini client gonna be on kabam's platform as well???
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    Mac users don't get it either.


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      It's OK. Kabam people get enough boosts from the hacking they do

      Just joking. That was the rep that Kabam has when I first restarted playing.


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        Spoiler ahead - pls don't ban me like u have done with some bloggers....

        To complete this task u need to log using an old miniclient. lol

        Before u start changing events and ask for more money, first fix tonnes of bugs!


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          Old or new, the miniclient doesn't pull the server list from non-R2 platforms, so this is an R2-only event.
          It's not much reward, but seriously, having a R2-only section in a globally available event??? Really?
          Not that extra events don't exist on Wartune/ProCity, but they are a different game.
          Kabam/Kong/Armor/etc. are exactly the same game. They don't seem to know how non-R2 players would feel for seeing this.
          Just another example of rigged-ness.


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            not on R2 server

            Im on Wartune Server and I use mini-client everyday. My Alt uses wartune . com to log in. Main is on Mini-client.


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              well the login bonus is just hypercritacal of r2 they word it as use client to grab rewards

              the meaning of the word client - Typically, a client is a computer application, such as a web browser, that runs on a user's local computer or workstation and connects to a server as necessary.


              as soon as a mentor came to our server and i asked him the same thing why it was on kabam servers and says client and i mentioned a browser is a web client to play game within hrs it was removed

              r2 has perks mini client and other goodies kabam has F **** ALL

              as r2 are giving their players more stuff making them stronger and dominant against other platforms who get naff all r2 says they use a fair play policy where is fair play ere MORE LIKE UNBALANCED
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