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Eud Marks Exchange takes forever

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  • Eud Marks Exchange takes forever

    It takes forever to exchange all your marks and then recycle all the euds you get. I'm sitting on 200+ marks and dreading the tedious nature of it all. Can't they just have a straight up warpath exchange and save us so much time? 1 mark = 2 warpath. The system was fine when eud marks were hard to come by. When you get 30+ every day... The system needs to be streamlined.

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    It was bad, but not as bad as some other things. I exchanged about 300 marks the other day. Took me a few minutes, but I did it during a blitz, so no time was lost, really. There are a lot of things which are worse in the game. Astral without VIP or botting? Absolute murder.


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      I personally don't have much interest in doing huge amount of extra work for a small amount of rewards.
      Got one of each from event exchange.
      Now sitting on hundreds of mark shards and none have been used yet.
      I might use them on a day when I have time to focus on massive summoning and selling, but certainly not doing it every day,
      especially not on a busy day when I need to get dailies done fast.
      It's just not safe to do massive selling given that item lock doesn't work for eudaemons.


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        Originally posted by R238423534 View Post
        It's just not safe to do massive selling given that item lock doesn't work for eudaemons.
        Exactly, if I ever end up selling off my primary eudaemon (or any I've invested in significantly) that way, I'm done with this game. Being careful just makes the whole process even slower and more painful.

        Not putting the lock ability on eudaemons is just them asking to get screamed at when things go wrong, so I don't understand why they haven't already implemented it.


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          I agree, they need to make this process quicker. It wouldn't be so bad if the eud screen didn't close everytime you sold one, which makes the chance of selling the wrong one even greater.

          I am sure one day they will add a lock to eudaemons but they seem to take forever to add or change things. It's like they like to receive tickets about people making mistakes, I am sure it has been done many times.


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            Selling euds are a great source of warpath, but they should just make a straight up exchange. I don't need more euds. I have 5 strong primaries and 4x of each of the eud patrol ones (wind, scourge, blood). I don't need anymore euds.